Welcome / Tervetuloa!

Tiivistelmä suomeksi löytyy sivun lopusta.


-Visitors and guests are welcome. Check HERE for details.

-To join the waiting list please CONTACT US. Please include the name and email of all everyone who wants to get onto the list. Also include if you have CrossFit experience and if you are planning to train in mornings (this will influence the waiting time).

-The waiting list is moving, but slowly. We apologise for this situation, but are committed to offering the best training experience for our members and thus our membership numbers are tightly capped.

Thanks Ben and Hanna.


CrossFit is different. CrossFit is about developing general physical preparedness – the ability to be ready for anything. In CrossFit you will train in many different ways, you will learn 100’s of new skills and movements and you will never get bored. Your weaknesses will become your strengths.

Being fit is not sitting in a machine designed by an engineer and doing 3 sets of 10 while reading a magazine.

Forget thinking ‘am I fit enough or will I get hurt?’

Being fit is about moving your body, moving heavy things and being able to do anything with confidence!

That is CrossFit.

All CrossFit Central Helsinki’s training sessions are under the watchful eye of our professional, qualified and experienced COACHES. This is not just another gym. This is true fitness and results.

  1. To get a full introduction into CrossFit, join the waiting list for an ON-RAMP course. CONTACT US to join the list. 
  2. Take a look at the HOW WE WORK section from more information.
  3. Please CONTACT US is you have any questions about what we do.
*Coaching at CrossFit Central Helsinki is in English.

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CrossFit on erilainen liikuntamuoto. Sen tarkoitus on valmistaa sinut erilaisiin fyysisiin haasteisiin. Opit eri taitoja painonnostosta käsilläkävelyyn ja fyysisistä heikkouksistasi tulee vahvuuksiasi. Uskomme, että fyysisesti vahva henkilö on kykenevä käyttämään vartaloaan monipuolisesti ja liikuttamaan suuria määriä lyhyessä ajassa. 

Kaikki CrossFit Central Helsingin tunnit ovat koulutettujen ja ammattitaitoisten valmentajien vetämiä.

Emme ole vain kuntosali muiden joukossa, vaan edustamme todellista kuntoilua ja fyysistä hyvinvointia. 


1. Aloita kattavalla ON-RAMP-kurssilla

2. Tutustu toimintatapoihimme kohdassa HOW WE WORK.

3. CONTACT US  ja kysy lisää

*Valmennus salillamme tapahtuu englannin kielellä. 

CrossFit is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc.