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  • We are moving in February 2017 to a new, bigger, better, facility.
  • We will have improved options for starting CrossFit with us.
  • Stay tuned for details!

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What we can offer you
We have something for all levels of CrossFitter.


  • Complete an introduction course (if required) focused on technique learning and improving movement.
  • Max of 13 people per class to ensure the highest level of coaching.
  • We are not overcrowded. Get the attention you need (and are paying for) to improve.
  • Professional, experienced, caring and qualified coaches. We know every CFCH member by name.
  • High standards of movement demanded to keep you healthy and maximize your rate of improvement.
  • Proper scaling options to ensure you are getting better!
  • Warm-ups, cool-downs, mobility and posture work included in our daily classes.

Intermediate (1 year+ of CrossFit or similar)

  • By now you should know your strengths and weaknesses and you may be interested in doing some extra work to speed your development. We have great experience addressing weakness using specific programs and movements. Our coaches will guide you in this process.
  • Take advantage of our 7x/week Open Gym sessions to supplement your classes.
  • If you are not improving consistently and setting records something needs to be changed. We can find out why.

Competitive (looking to focus of CrossFit competitions)

  • Supportive and constructive competitive environment. You need that support crew of athletes and coaches to get the best results.
  • Fully equipped CrossFit gym to ensure you are ready for all possibilities in competition and that you have varied training.
  • Take advantage of our 7x/week Open Gym sessions to follow a competition-based program.
  • We have athletes following The Training PlanOPEX and other high-level professional coaching programs.
  • Take full advantage of our coaches and their specialties.

Thanks Ben and Hanna.

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