Thursday, 8th March

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Open Gym
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Open Gym 16:30-20:30

What to do?

  1. Please, remember to book on our calendar that you are coming!
  2. Make up a workout from Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
  3. Work on the movements for this Saturday’s CrossFit Open Competition WOD!
  4. Do some mobility work.

Coaches will be in the gym to watch, help, nurture and advise as always!


-Saturday 8am class is not available for the next 3 weeks as we focus on the CrossFit Open.

-Join us this Saturday’s special class at 10am for the CrossFit Open Competition Workout. Register (it’s free), from HERE. All welcome and please bring a good attitude and loud voice to cheer each other on!

-We now sell some stuff. Check it out HERE.

-Plenty of summer fun during a weekend with Helsinki Paleo

  1. CF Games 12.3. Managed five rounds + box jumps + push presses + two toes to bars. Equals 209 reps. Over and out! I’m EXHAUSTED. Wasn’t my best day in salsa afterwards 😀

    A big thanks for couching and cheering! Love you guys.

    • Ben Liuzzi says:

      Awesome work tonight Meri…tough WOD. You kept with a constant pace after the first two rounds (which were fast!). A better rack position would help a lot…think I have mentioned that before 😉

  2. Should’ve done more! Faster! Stronger! Hungrier!

    Yeah, I hear you about the rack position… Will work on it until I get there. 🙂 Light at the end of a tunnel?

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