Tuesday, 20th March

Posted: March 19, 2012 in WOD
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A) For Quality

5 x 3-position Power Clean Barbell (mid thigh, knee, floor).

B) For Time

5 rounds of

5 x Front Squat barbell

5 x High Box Jump


-Saturday 8am class is not available for the the week as we focus on the CrossFit Open.

-Join us this Saturday’s special class at 10am for the CrossFit Open Competition Workout. Register (it’s free), from HERE. All welcome and please bring a good attitude and loud voice to cheer each other on!

-We have a special CrossFit nutrition and performance seminar coming on April 21st! Details HERE.

-We now sell some stuff. T-shirts, Omega 3, Vitamin D3, Pull-up bands, shakers and Finnish made recovery protein.

Sonja the Serious!

  1. A) light 3-position power cleans at 40kg.

    B) 5:xx. 40kg and 60cm. High box jumps still terrify me…

  2. Wow! I really outdid myself 😀

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