Wednesday 30th May

Posted: May 29, 2012 in WOD
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A) For Time

40m x Run

2 x Ring Muscle Up

80m x Run

4 x Ring Muscle Up

120m x Run

6 x Ring Muscle Up

160m x Run

8 x Ring Muscle Up .

B) Finisher

Tabata Farmer Carry

Workout Notes:

Ring Muscle Up will be scaled to Renegade Row + Shoot Through.

General Notes:

– Upcoming competition in Tampere. Details HERE. Contact us if you are interested in competing.

– We now sell some stuff. T-shirts, Omega 3, Vitamin D3, Pull-up bands (in stock again), shakers and Finnish made recovery protein. Skipping rope available now! To buy this stuff please contact us!

  1. Crossfit Woman sounds grumpy and seems to take things too seriously 🙂 Or maybe she’s just a drama queen!

  2. Sanna Kaipia says:

    CrossFit Central Helsinki Woman knows how to multitask; she is happy with a smile and still takes her workout very seriously, fully concentrating on her goals. CrossFit Central Helsinki Woman although sweating and cursing during her workout, loves to polish her nails and walk on heels outside the box. 😉

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