Functional Movements


Your body is designed to move. Most of us remain in fixed positions for long periods of time – driving, work, school and so on. This is a problem. Your body becomes stiff, weak and imbalanced. You get injured more easily.


Functional movements are movements from the world outside of the gym doors. Squats, deadlift (picking something up from the ground), running, jumping, throwing, balancing and putting things above head are all movements you see outside the gym. They are all movements you see in CrossFit. Machine weights, cable biceps curls and many other modern gym exercises are creations of an engineer or a marketing team and do not exist outside the gym.

Remembering how to move your body in the way it is designed to move will liberate strength, flexibility, speed and power that you never knew you had. Most importantly, you will rediscover confidence in your body. You will not be worried about your back when moving furniture, the surprise game of tennis was much easier than you thought and chasing the kids just got a lot easier.