Competing in fitness events are one option for CFCH members. These are great opportunities to push yourself to the limit and see what you are truly capable of. The competitive scene is growing in Finland and many nice events are scheduled throughout the year.

The CrossFit Games

The road to the CrossFit Games begins with the CrossFit Open. Following the Open, the top competitors participate in the Regional competition. With only a few spots available, only the best of the best at the Regionals proceed to the CrossFit Games held in California each year.

The worldwide CrossFit Open competition is growing quickly since its introduction in 2011.


CFCH results*

Male and Overall Winner: Tero K

Female Winner: Paula L

– Top Men
1. Tero K (7 points)
2. Ilkka S (23 points)
3. Esa S (33 points)

– Top Women
7. Paula L (38 points)
8. Sonja L (42 points)
9. Tinja L (137 points)

– Event Winners

15.1a: Tero 161 reps, Paula 154 reps

15.1b: Jarno K 110.5kg, Paula 76kg

15.2: Tero 196 reps, Paula 136 reps

15.3: Tero 363 reps, Sonja 209 reps

15.4: Tero 76 reps, Sonja 75 reps

15.5: Tero 8:05, Paula 9:18

– Team Stats*
178th in Europe

15.1: 211th in Europe 15.1a 163rd
15.2: 168th
15.3: 207th
15.4: 205th
15.5: 135th
59 Official Team Members (24 female, 35 males)
27 team members completed all 5 events. 18 went rx’d in all 5 weeks.

*Team stats negatively affected by a few members accidentally not joining our team! Whoops!

The Open, for everyone who is not planning to make the CrossFit Regionals, is supposed to fun. It is also a great chance to push your limits and break through barriers. This year, without any doubt, was a huge success in both of these regards.

* all results from the combined men and women CFCH leaderboard.


CFCH results*

Male and Overall Winner: Tero

Female Winner: Stef

– Top Men
1. Tero (12 points)
2. Ilkka S (27 points)
3. Balazs, Robin and Totti (all 30 points)

– Top Women
7. Stef (55 points)
8. Sonja (66 points)
9. Veera (67 points)

– Event Winners
14.1: Tero 291 reps, Sonja and Stef both 266 reps
14.2: Tero 136 reps, Tiina T 80 reps
14.3: Stef 138 reps, Totti 132 reps
14.4: Robin 189 reps, Stef 180 reps
14.5: Balasz 12:26, Veera 12:29

– Team Stats
121st in Europe
4th in Finland
14.1: 186th in Europe
14.2: 164th
14.3: 118th
14.4: 113th
14.5: 69th
60 Official Team Members (21 female, 39 males)
47 team members completed all 5 events.

– Highlights / PRs
Oku first ever DU.
Jonna 6 reps in 3 mins at her new OHS max.
Lia, Linda, Eliisa, Paula, first ever chest to bar pull-ups.
Lotta Ha completing 10 strict CTB (+14 OHS) in 3mins.
Silja 50 T2B reps all with correct kip (not unbroken this year).
…and many more

A huge thanks to everyone who signed up, 60 official competitors is fantastic. Fantastic work to those who assisted with the judging and other organisational business each week. Lotta He and Tomi H especially judged a huge number of workouts.

The Open, for everyone who is not planning to make the CrossFit Regionals, is supposed to fun. It is also a great chance to push your limits and break through barriers. This year, without any doubt, was a huge success in both of these regards.

* all results from the combined men and women CFCH leaderboard:


The Open was run from March 6th to April 7th 2013. CFCH had 45 official competitors, all of whom also signed up for our first ever team entry. The group consisted of 11 females and 34 males. Each Saturday during the Open became our competition day and we were lucky to have big crowds attend each week. The atmosphere, combined with the extra kick of the worldwide competition, facilitated many people to set new records and/or surpass their previous expectations. After very consistent results in the 5 workouts the team placed 139th in Europe. For a young gym (14 months) that isn’t competition focused, this was a very pleasing result!


In 2012, over 70 000 competitors worldwide put it all on the line over the 5 weeks of competition. The event had 5 workouts, one per week, announced online and participants were are asked to perform to the their limit and post their results online. The workouts are unknown until a few days before.We had 13 official competitors, but all of our remaining members were involved in an unofficial capacity. Given our gym had only been open less than 2 months it was a fantastic result. Each Saturday at 10am we held a special class for those completing the workouts and for others to come and support. Some great photos were taken and can be seen here, and here.

Other Events

Unbroken 2015

Qualifying details here.

Event results here.

Paula L: 4th

Maaren A-M: 11th

Terhi L: 24th

Helsinki Showdown 2015

Qualifying details here.

Event results here.

Tiina T: 18th

Maaren A-M: 20th

Tiina R: 22nd

Karjalan Kovin 2015

Sonja Lamppu and Tero Kotilainen again completed in this three day competition organised by CrossFit Lappeenranta.

Event details are found here and the full results found here.

The event was a well designed broad test of fitness. There were 6 events + a final and the events ranged from a 11km run to a ‘sprint chipper’ that was capped at 4mins and included legless rope climbs.

Tero placed 24th overall and had several strong displays including a 7th place finish on ‘Bar Amanda’ and 12th on the run.

Sonja placed 27th overall and had a strong 8th place in the Sprint Chipper and achieved her first bar muscle-up in a competition setting.

Cut the Crap 2015

Sonja Lamppu and Tero Kotilainen completed in this one day competition organised by CrossFit Vantaa.

Sonja finished 4th overall and competed in the final (heavy Fran variation).

Tero placed in the top ten.

The day included plenty of new movements (e.g. wheelbarrow loading) and was a good test of the athletes ability to adapt to new challenges quickly.

Winter War 2015

CFCH qualified 3 female competitors for the premier competition in Finland. Veera Koskelainen, Tiina Taavela and first timer Paula Lehtinen qualified in 14th, 21st and 37th places respectively. Qualification events and leader board seen here.

Like the 2014 event, the 2015 WW was held over two days. Friday night presented two events with an endurance flavor. Saturday featured 7 more events which covered all the components of fitness. A crowd of nearly 3000 packed into the venue. The atmosphere was electric.

Our competitors carried themselves extremely well throughout the weekend and were rewarded with pleasing results:

Veera 5th

Paula 16th

Tiina 28th

Full leader board and events here.

The Winter War is the largest event in Finland. This year was another fantastic event. Thanks to all the competitors, organisers and volunteers that made it happen.

Karjalan Kovin 2014

CFCH qualified 7 competitors for the 2014 KK competition and 5 decided to accept their invitations: Sonja Lamppu, Tero Kotilainen, Stefanie Hagelstam, Veera Koskelainen and Anni Huovinen. Anni and Veera were representing CFCH for the first time.

The 2014 KK was a two day event held outdoors in Lappeenranta in varied conditions. 60 men and 60 women and various masters sections were competing in this large event. Their were 7 workouts held and there was bias towards heavier barbell movements.

Our athletes demonstrated that they were well prepared. Previous competitors Stef, Sonja and Tero showed the progress they have made in the previous few months with improved results and consistent performances. First timers Anni and Veera were deeply impressive in a very competitive field.

Sonja and Stef qualified for the grueling final event which was open only to the top 8 athletes.

– Standings

Tero  =24th

Sonja 7th

Stef 8th

Anni 12th

Veera 26th*

Full leaderboard and events here.

It was a fun weekend and all our athletes left feeling proud of their performances.

*Veera was placed 10th when she made a very intelligent decision to withdraw from the heavy deadlift event. The weight was simply too great for her to perform safely. It was a very mature decision for a first time competitor.

BoxBattle 2014

Finland’s first major team event took place June 2014 at Barona Espoo. The event website is found here with all the extra details.

CrossFit Central Helsinki was proud to qualify two teams for the event;

Team Bobbitt: Sonja Lamppu, Tero Kotilainen, Robin Tallberg and Tiina Taavela.

Team Harding: Silja Snäll, Markku Luoto, Balazs Farkas and Stefanie Hagelstam.

The qualifying videos can be found here: Bobbitt and Harding.

After 9 events that included a variety of partner, individual and team components Team Bobbitt finished =5th and Team Harding placed 16th overall. The full scoreboard is found here.

Team Bobbitt was awarded the ‘Best Team in Helsinki’ for their performance.

This was a fantastic result for both CrossFit Central Helsinki teams and all the coaches and members were proud of our competitors.

Winter War 2014

The Winter War has continued to develop into the major competition on the Finnish CrossFit calendar. This year the event required a 3 workout, 3 week, qualification to be completed before top 40 athletes were accepted into the competition.

CFCH was able to qualify 3 females; Sonja Lamppu, Tiina Taavela and Stefanie Hagelstam.

The competition itself was contested over two days for the first time. Friday night held two rowing events and Saturday was an all day trial of traditional CrossFit workouts. In front of a sold out crowd at Tampere Arena, our 3 athletes performed exceptionally well and left reasonably satisfied with their results. Of course, being competitive, they have their eye on bigger and better performances next time already!

Tiina 22nd place. Stef 26th place. Sonja 33rd.

Mikko Aronpää won the men’s division for the 3rd time and Saara Laaksonen was crowded female champ for the first time. Full results are here.

The competition was exceptionally well organised and a great example of the what the ‘sport of CrossFit’ can be.

CrossFit Kerava OktooberFest

Sonja Lamppu and Tero Kotilainen represented CrossFit Central Helsinki in this smaller competition held in October 2013. After 3 tough events Sonja finished in 4th place overall and Tero finished in 6th. It was the first competition for both of them and both performed with excellent intensity, technique and attitude.

Karajan Kovin August 2013

Bigger, better and certainly wetter than 2012, the 2013 Karjalan Kovin showcased the rapid improvement in the CrossFit community within Finland. 3 events were open to all competitors and then the top 12 fought out a grueling 3-part final event. This year also introduced a male and female masters division for the over 40 crowd.

CFCH was proudly represented by Robin Tallberg (6th), Markku Luoto (9th) and Tiina Taavela (20th). Sampsa Rinne was also due to compete, but was a last-minute scratching due to work commitments. The male and female champions were Mikko Ojala and Emilia Leppänen with Pete Auvinen and Ulrika Nieminen taking out the masters division.

Read a spectators blog post here. See full results here. Some photos here. Some footage of the female final here.

Winter War 2013

The 2013 Finnish Championships were named the Winter War  and once again Björn Kullberg qualified and represented CFCH with pride. Björn completed all 6 events and went on to finish 7th overall. Tiina Taavela, a recent addition to CFCH, also competed well and finished 14th overall. Essi Koskinen and Mikko Aronpää again claimed the titles of Finland’s Fittest, but the 2013 battle represented a huge step forward from the 2012 event. The level of all the men and women competing was impressive and the gap between CrossFit the competitive sport and CrossFit the fitness program continues to spread. Details of the events and the scoreboard can be found here. Some insights from a spectators perspective can be found here. Some photos from the event can be found here.

Finnish SM Jan 2012

The first ever Finnish SM was held in the famous CrossFit Pori. A grueling 6 event single day competition put the best of Finnish CrossFit talent to the test. Mikko Aronpää and Essi Koskinen came out on top, but our own Björn Kullberg performed extremely well to take 5th place in his first ever competition.

Karjalan Kovin September 2012

Held in the Lappeenranta region, this competition is welcoming for all skill levels, but still manages to challenge even the most seasoned CrossFit athletes. The 2012 event was held on Saturday the 1st of September in good conditions. 5 workouts later and again Mikko Aronpää took the top spot. Björn Kullberg and Jarno Kukila represented us well and secured 3rd and 15th place respectively. Björn managed to beat Aronpää in the day’s 4th event – Helen with russian style swings – with a lightning time of 06:40. Watch HERE. Some photos from the day are HERE.

CFCH Open October 2012

Our first in-house competition was held over three weeks in October. With more than half the gym participating in the event the atmosphere was welcoming. 7 different scored events  were contested and a wide range of skills and physical abilities were tested.

At the end of the event the men’s division ended in a tie between Jarno Kukila and Robin Tallberg for first place. Ilkka Simula followed them closely.

For the women Heidi Ainola took out first place, followed by Sonja Lamppu and then Salla Redlin.

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