Our Facility and Equipment

We strive to be the best equipped CrossFit gym in Helsinki.

We have high ceilings (6m+) and you can drop the weights.

We have 6 flights of stairs for running on.

We currently have access to an indoor running area where you can perform 400m+ runs.

What we have;

  • 45kg-100kg Atlas Stones
  • Jerk Blocks
  • Squat rack.
  • 10,15 and 20kg Rogue barbells.
  • Bumper plates.
  • Concept 2 Rowers.
  • Assault Bikes ‘Air Dyne’.
  • Pull-up bars, multiple types and materials (thick, thin, bare steel).
  • 6m climbing ropes.
  • Jerk and lifting blocks.
  • 300kg tyre.
  • Sledgehammers.
  • Dumbbells from 2.5kg-42.5kg.
  • Kettlebells from 8kg-44kg.
  • Weight vests 7-10kg.
  • Glute-Ham Developer (GHD).
  • Reverse hyper.
  • Gymnastics rings (high, and adjustable).
  • Parallettes.
  • Farmers handles.
  • Dip bars.
  • Plyo boxes 45,51,61,75cm.
  • Tatami mats.
  • Sleds x 3 for pushing, pulling, dragging etc
  • Skipping ropes, various types.
  • Weightlifting belts.
  • Dip/pull belts.
  • Chains.
  • Resistance/stretch bands, all types.
  • Medicine balls.
  • Mobility tools, various.


Post questions, comments or experiences!

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