WOD for Saturday, Dec 01, 2018

Conditioning 01-12-2018

In teams of 2:

3 Rounds of, 90s Stations:
1) Alternating Weighted Step-ups (35/25 DBs and 61/51cm box)
2) Ground to Overhead w. a plate (20/15kg)
3) Overhead Squat (35/25kg)
4) Calories on Bike/Row/Ski
5) Partner Wheelbarrow
6) 90s OF REST

  • Athlete choice of how to split work
  • No stress about counting reps today.

Extra Credit 01-12-2018

5 Minutes of ”Recovery” of your choice:
– Light Foam Rolling
– P. Breathing
– Light cyclical work ie. bike, row, jog or light sledpull x 5 minutes

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