WOD for Sunday, Feb 10, 2019

Skill 10-02-2019

Gymnastics Skill Work
EMOM 16:00
Minute 1: 40s of Handstand Practice (hold, walk, wall, balance etc)
Minute 2: 40s of Core work of your choice
Minute 3: 12 Alt. DB Reverse Lunges
Minute 4: 12 Bent-over Double DB Rows

Conditioning 10-02-2019

Every 4:00 x 5 sets.
20m Heavy Sledpush
10 DB Hang Power Clean @50/35lbbs
10 Strict Pull-ups / Partner Assisted / Self Assisted

Extra Credit 10-02-2019

5 Minutes of Global Recovery Foam Rolling or 5 Minutes of Row, Bike, Jog, light Sled Pull.

Open Gym

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