WOD for Sunday, Jun 02, 2019

Strength 02-06-2019

1a) DB RDLs: 4 x 8-10. Rest 30s.
– done with two DBs
1b) DB Hammer Curls: 4 x 8-10. Rest 30s.

2) Plank Complex: 4 x 10s + 10s + 10s. Rest 30s.
– Side Plank + Elbow Plank + Side Plank.

Conditioning 02-06-2019

AMRAP 10:00 ascending reps:
1 DB Man Makers @50/35lbs
60 Meter Run (4 x 15m)
2 DB Man Makers
60 Meter Run
3 DB Man Makers
60m Meter Run
And so on continuing in this fashion…

  • Score is amount of manmakers completed.

Extra Credit 02-06-2019

Banded Triceps Pushdowns: 50-40-30-20-10, done AFAP.

  • Unbroken sets. Adjust grip position on the band to get the appropriate challenge each set.

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