WOD for Sunday, Mar 15, 2020

Gymnastics 15-03-2020

EMOM 8:00
ODD Minutes: 20-30s Hollow Hold or L-Sit
EVEN Minutes: 20-30s Handstand Hold

  • Build from last week

Conditioning 15-03-2020

Tabata – 8 x 20s work/10s rest.
Rest 60s before moving to the next Tabata.

1) Air Squats
2) Hand Release Push-ups
3) Sumo Deadlift High Pull @ 24/16kg
4) Mountain Climbers
5) USA Swings @24/16kg

  • Don't count reps, just do the work!

Extra Credit 15-03-2020

1a) Banded Tricep Pushdowns: 3 x max reps. No rest.
1b) Banded Hammer Curls: 3 x max reps. Rest 60s.

Parasympathetic Breathing x 10-15 breaths of 3 seconds inhale + 1-second hold at top + 3 seconds exhale + 1-second hold at the bottom.

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