WOD for Sunday, Mar 29, 2020

F.U. Corona WOD #12

2 sets
20 Curl Downs
30/leg Bulgarian Split Squats
40 Reverse Grip Push-Up
50 Calf Raises
1:00/side Side Plank
Rest 2:00
Then repeat in reverse order

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Open Gym

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Strength 29-03-2020

1a) Close Grip Bench Press: 4 x 5. Rest 30s.
– add weight each set.

1b) DB Split Squats: 4 x 8 each. Rest 30s.

  • Goal: 4 challenging work sets slightly heavier than last week. Take 2 sets to warm-up for both movements.

Conditioning 29-03-2020

EMOM 20:00
Minute 1: 20s Calorie Row
Minute 2: 20s Calorie Bike
Minute 3: 20s Max Devils Press (athlete choice of weight)
Minute 4: 20s Double Unders

  • Goal: hard 20s efforts, but NOT maximal.
  • Score = total Devil's Press reps

Extra Credit 29-03-2020

Banded Facepull aparts – Max Reps in 5:00
*Every time you stop complete 15 DB Lateral Raise
Parasympathetic Breathing x 10-15 breaths of 3 seconds inhale + 1-second hold at top + 3 seconds exhale + 1-second hold at the bottom.

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