WOD for Thursday, Jan 11, 2018

Conditioning 11-01-2018

EMOM 30:
Minute 1: 40s DB Renegade Rows

Minute 2: 40s Mountain Climbers (2 count)
Minute 3: 40s Alternating Weighted Step-ups (61/51cm)
Minute 4: 40s Hollow Rocks
Minute 5: 40s DB Thrusters
Minute 6: Rest

  • Athlete choice of DB weight today
  • Don't count reps today, just move well

Extra Credit 11-01-2018

AMRAP 5 of:
8 Single Leg RDLs each
10 Standing Banded Rotations each

Weightlifting Class 11/01/2018

General Warm-Up
Oly Warm-Up
Snatch Footwork Review
Snatch Drop training
Heaving Snatch Balance training
Snatch Balance training
Hang Snatch training

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