Hans S

A small Q&A session with 500 Club member Hans S.

Her workout: VO2 Hans.

1. Is CrossFit a cult?


2. Favorite movement?

There’s many, Muscle -Ups either you make or you don’t, there’s nothing in between. For some reason I also like Snatches (successful reps only) and then all gymnastic stuff.

3. Least favorite movement?

Thrusters and Double Unders, thrusters have however improved lately, DUs not so much…

4. Hardest workout you have done?

CrossFit Open workout 14.5 (thrusters and burpees).

5. What do you like about CFCH?

Everything, the coaching, the members, the whole Bunkkeri including the stairs of course! Coaching is top notch, I don’t know how you keep track on everyone’s PRs, injuries, what you suck at and what you don’t, scaling options and so on, the list is long! No gym background when I started 500 classes / 3 years ago, still no injuries only steady progress, you must be doing something right! CFCH is also some sort of sanctuary for me, when I’m there I forget about everything else going on and I focus on the workout only, gives a good balance to your everyday life.


6. Was it love at first taste with CrossFit/CFCH?


8. Any other thoughts?

Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!

Hans S - 500 Workouts - April 2015

Hans S – 500 Workouts – April 2015