Kalle N

A small Q&A session with 500 Club member Kalle N.

Her workout: Captain Awesome.

1. Is CrossFit a cult?

Sadly, no. At least not a proper one. I mean, what kind of a cult would accept Dave Castro as a member?

2. Favorite movement?

This one is easy, the gran-daddy of them all: bench press.

3. Least favorite movement?

How much time do we have? Pretty much anything that requires “skill” or “mobility”. Sled (which I believe was banned in the Geneva Convention). Anything with kettlebells. Sled again. Burpees. Did I mention the sled already?

4. Hardest workout you have done?

500m row for time. The rowing part is not that bad but the fun begins after you’re done.

5. What do you like about CFCH?

What’s not to like? The people are great, coaching is great. It’s like a home away from home. A home with weights.


6. Was it love at first taste with CrossFit/CFCH?

Not exactly. In the beginning I found the lack of benching disturbing but soon discovered even better things, such as 7 minutes of burpees. Also, breaking a few bones every now and then helps keep things interesting (note: Kalle broke his ankle playing soccer, not while working out :D)

8. Any other thoughts?

Kids, don’t eat yellow snow!

Kalle N - 500 workouts, Apr 2015

Kalle N – 500 workouts, Apr 2015