Lotta H

A small Q&A session with 500 Club member Pikku-Lotta.

Her workout: ‘Brain-Drain’

1. Is CrossFit a cult?

Given how easy it is to detect a CrossFitter in the outside world (could a T-shirt scream “CrossFit” any louder?), I am inclined to say yes.

2. Favorite movement?

Gymnastics stuff.

3. Least favorite movement?

Rowing, wall balls, ass bike…

4. Hardest workout you have done?

In many cases it is not so much about how hard the workout is but how much you suck in fitness and pacing. Hence, hard workouts tend to get easier. But maybe Open 15.5.

5. What do you like about CFCH?

I like the superb coaches, who push me to challenge myself. And all the other fun, weird and wonderful people.

6. If you could be trapped on a desert island with only one cult member, who would it be and why?

I would take Pia, the human calculator, without whom I could never keep track of the days.

7. Was it love at first taste with CrossFit/CFCH?

Rather than love, I would describe it as an ongoing roller coast of emotions, such as curiosity, fear, suspicion, doubt, enthusiasm, frustration, despair..the list goes on. For me, CrossFit provides a constant reminder of the importance of getting out of your comfort zone both physically and mentally. My favorite quote from Ben is “don’t confuse it being uncomfortable with it being hard”.

8. Other thoughts?

As life itself, CrossFit is better when you don’t take yourself too seriously.
Lotta H - 500 Workouts - August 2016

Lotta H – 500 Workouts – August 2016