Totti B

A small Q&A session with 500 Club member Totti B.

His workout: #Yleislakko

1. Is CrossFit a cult?

A cult is something you can leave and start a new life afterwards. So that’s gotta be a no.

2. Favorite movement?

HSPU! First rep is so near! And after that I’m gonna love it.

3. Least favorite movement?

Back Squat – Too easy nowadays.

4. Hardest workout you have done?

Ben’s Summer Special (7rounds of 245 wall climbs,  etc.) in June 2013. Still remember that fucker.

5. What do you like about CFCH?

Its become a second home. At 25 I never thought that I could make new friends or become a part off something special, but here I am. After almost 5 years its become a part of me. Also during these five years I’ve grown a lot, not just as a person but also in size. A lot of ‘Life’ has happened during these years, but the box was always there. CrossFit, the people and especially Ben, have pushed me outside of old comfort zones. In part, CFCH has played a huge role in a transformation of sorts. So many things have changed for the better, mentally and physically. But most important i’m more comfortable in being me, and that’s pretty awesome!

6. If you could be trapped on a desert island with only one cult member, who would it be and why?

Couldn’t choose just one. Im the guy that packs everything possible for a trip. All these gals/guys are great!

7. Was it love at first taste with CrossFit/CFCH?

Most definitely!

8. Other thoughts?

At 25 I thought this is it, I’m not getting any fitter. Now at 30, i’m thinking there are no limits. Life is funny that way.

Totti B – 500 Workouts – May 2016