Gym Challenges

Stairway to Heaven

Starting at the ground floor of the staircase, you must carry the kettlebells in the double rack position to the gym door (6th floor). The KBs must remain in the rack position throughout. No resting on the walls is allowed. Challenge is complete when you can kick the gym door. WODconnect.

Men: Double 24kgs. Women: Double 16kgs.

Overhead Squats

With your bodyweight on the bar, complete as many unbroken overhead squats as possible. Goal is 15 reps. Check it out! WODconnect.

Fancy Dress

Starting with shoes and socks off, drop into a pistol squat position and put your shoes and socks on without coming up from the pistol position. Do both feet without coming up to pass the challenge. Hands touching the floor or both legs touching the floor at the same time is a fail. WODconnect.

Drag Queen

1600m sled drag at 80/60kg. Performed as 20 x 80m out the front of the gym. To complete the challenge the conditions must be mostly dry and all 1600m completed in one day. WODconnect.

Leopard Test

Stolen from Kelly Starrett, the Leopard Test is 5 reps of Double Kettlebell Overhead Squat @ 24/16kgs. That is 2 x 24kg for men and 2 x 16kg for women. Quality counts here. The arms must remain locked and the squat must be a high quality squat (e.g. heels down). Weightlifting shoes are NOT allowed. WODconnect.

USSS Snatch Test

Adapted from Enter the Kettlebell, this is a 10min AMRAP of Kettlebell Snatches @ 24kg / 16kg.
– Swap hands as often as you wish.
– Put the KB down as often as you wish.
– No stopping at the chest on the way or down.
– Target 200+ reps!








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