Membership F.A.Q.



Read THIS PAGE for more details. Inspectors have been spotted in the area so be careful.

What are the ‘Off-Peak’ Classes in the calendar?

This is something for our membership tracking only. The workouts, coaches and all other details are the same.

Can I suspend my membership if I go on holiday?

Yes, but only if you have the 12 month membership option. You may suspend for up to one month and it must be taken in one block (e.g. not 4 separate weeks).

Can I suspend my membership if I get sick or injured?

Yes, but only with a medical certificate. You may suspend for a minimum on one month. There is no maximum suspension time, but it must be taken in one month blocks (i.e. you cannot suspend for 2 weeks).

I want to stop training at CFCH. What do I do?

Email us BEFORE the next month of your membership. Example; if you want to stop in February, email us in January to inform us of your decision. If you fail to notify before the month, then we expect that you will cover that month’s membership fee.

I have a month by month membership. What if I just want to have a month off?

We require that if you are going to miss a month (or more) that you inform before the month. If you have not informed before the new month, then we assume that you are continuing and going to pay for that month.

When you are ready to restart contact us.

Where do I see how much I owe?
It can be found by logging in to our members area. This PICTURE shows where you should look.
How do I pay?

Click HERE for details.

What are the membership costs?


What are the class times?


Why is the cost higher than ‘x’ gym?

We operate very differently to a regular gym. Membership with us includes  planned workouts, coaching in every class, controlled class size (maximum of 13 people), real support and advice. Equipment is readily available and of high quality.

Our experience is similar to group Personal Training , and thus our prices reflect that.

  1. Is there a class for seniors, 60+ ?

    • Ben Liuzzi says:

      Hi Martti, we don’t have specific classes or memberships for 60+. We can adjust and modify our regular classes to suit your needs. If you are interested in joining us you will need to register for the waiting list. To do that just write me an email and include your contact details and your preferred training time (mornings, afternoon, evening). Thanks Ben Liuzzi, CrossFit Central Helsinki.

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