CrossFit Classes

Our daily classes bring together our experienced coaches and the daily workout to give our members the best CrossFit experience possible.

Our classes are limited to a low 13 people per class.

We are not overcrowded.

The head coach will lead the class through;

  • A general warm-up. To get started for the day.
  • A specific warm-up. To develop technique, skill and to prepare for the daily WOD.
  • Daily workout. Different structure and focus every day, but the different elements may be;
    • Olympic lifting.
    • Strength training.
    • Skill training.
    • Gymnastic training.
    • Conditioning / Energy System Training.
  • Cool Down
    • Mobility
    • Flexibility
    • Recovery

To gain access to our classes you must have a monthly membership or a visit card. Unless you have a specific sporting or training background suited to CrossFit, you will likely need an introduction course before joining the classes. This allows a smooth and safe transition into the class environment.

Class Timetable.

Membership F.A.Q.



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