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A) For Practice

Handstand and Headstand

B) For Completion

5 x 10 Snatch Kettlebell with 3 second hold in overhead position each rep

1 x Dragon Flag

C) For Quality

Lowering the barbell. Practicing returning the bar to the shoulders or hang position.

A) For Quality

Handstand and Headstand skills

B) For Time

2000m Row

C) For Completion

4 x Stair Climbs (all 6 floors)


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A) For Quality

Snatch Complex (start from the hang position):

Halting Snatch Deadlift

Snatch Pull,

Snatch High Pull

Squat Snatch Barbell

Overhead Squat Barbell

Do one of each movement. Complete all 5 movements without putting the bar down.

B) On the Minute

12 rounds, starting on the minute of;

Squat Snatch Barbell @75%-80% of best snatch.

C) Tabata

Alternate between Burpee and Front Bridge


Competitors will do A and then For Practice and Preparation

Tomorrow’s movements Rolling, stretching and other work.

A) For Load

Max load Turkish get-up.

B) For Reps or Pass/Fail

– 15 secs Handstand against wall. Must kick up.

– Max Strict Pull-up (any grip allowed).

– 10 reps Overhead Squat Barbell @ 20kg/15kg.

– Max time Ring Support. Must jump up, legs straight.

– Max rep Push-up

C) For Time

1000m Row


– Extra classes for the next month or so. Tuesday and Friday at 15:20.

– The first ever CFCH competition coming soon! Saturday the 13th of October is week one. Register HERE!

—-Skills Week—-

Use this week to improve and develop your technique. It is also a chance to let your body recover (that is get the benefits of the past few weeks of training).

Today’s Skills

  1. Upside down stuff: Headstand, handstand and one-arm handstand.
  2. Understanding the kipping movement and moving between flexion and extension. Movements: Kipping on bar and rings, kipping pull-up, kipping toes to bar, kipping HSPU, rope climb, and burpee.


General Notes:

– Performance lecture and the first ever CFCH competition coming soon! Details from HERE

– Check out these great photos from the weekend competition in Lappeenranta.

A) Linear Progression

Low Bar Back Squat 3 x 5. Add 2.5kg from last week.

B) For Quality

30mins of,

1-3 x Rope Climb

5 x Roll to Candlestick (with pistol squat or perhaps into a handstand or both? Demo with Maija )

5 x Bridge Up

10 x Hanging Knee Tuck (strict)

10+ x Hollow Rock

10+ x Superman Rock

4 x Handstand to forward roll (back into to handstand???)

Muscle-up Practice


General Notes:

– Special Open Gym sessions: Sunday 26th of August and Sunday the 2nd of September. 10:00-13:00

– Performance lecture and the first ever CFCH competition coming soon! Details from HERE

A) For Load

Build to a heavy 2 rep Turkish Get-up

B) For Quality

3+ rounds of,

3 x Dragon Flag

6 x Forward Roll (move from the floor, to straddle and then handstand starting positions)

12 x Hollow Tuck or V-Up

12 x Hip Extension

1 x Hanging L-Sit (straight or tucked)

1-3 x Max set of Double unders


General Notes:

– Gym will be closed between August 3rd and August 12th. As compensation, we will be open on the following Sundays between 10-13 for Open Gym: August 19th and 26th, and September 2nd.