WOD for Friday, Jul 26, 2019

Strength 26-07-2019

"6-12-25 Protocol"
3-4 Rounds of:
6 Close Grip Chin-ups (option: weighted/partner assist)
12 DB Hammer Curls
25 Banded Facepull-aparts
No rest between movements, but rest 3:00 after all three exercises.

Conditioning 26-07-2019

For 12-15mins;
40m Overhead KB Carry (right)
40m Overhead KB Carry (left)
15 DB Rollback Triceps Extensions (moderate-heavy)
15 Banded Triceps Pushdowns (heavy band)

  • Rest as needed and done for quality

Extra Credit 26-07-2019

5 Minutes of easy aerobic i.e. bike, row, job, ski erg
3 Way Banded Shoulder + Lat Stretch x 30s each position.

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