WOD for Friday, Nov 02, 2018

Strength 02-11-2018

1) Max Rep Pull-ups

Rest 3:00-4:00 before moving to #2

2) Max Rep Chin-ups

– Intermediate: Self-Assisted
– Beginner: Ring Rows 4 x 10. Rest 60s.

Conditioning 02-11-2018

4 Rounds of 40s work/20s rest:
a) Hand Release Push-ups
b) USA Swing (24/16kg)
c) Toes to Bar
d) Burpees
e) Double Unders

  • Don't stress about counting reps, just move well and sweat!

Extra Credit 02-11-2018

Banded Pushdowns: 3 x 30-50. Rest 30s.

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