WOD for Monday, Mar 30, 2020

F.U. Corona WOD #13

A) 5 x 5reps; rest as needed
1+½ Pike Push-Ups
– Make it tough by adding deficit (books under hands) or by going slower

B) 15:00 AMRAP
30 Squats
30 Hollow Scissors (L+R = 1)
30 Bodyweight Triceps Extensions

Open Gym

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Strength 30-03-2020

Front Squat: Build to a 1RM in 10 sets. Rest 2:00

  • Goal: Build to a new 1RM exceeding old 1RM by small margin. This was last tested on 11/4.
  • Option: 5 x 5 moderate weights. Rest 90s.

Snatch Balls

AMRAP 7:00
7 Power Snatch @42.5/30kg
10 Wall balls @20/14

AMRAP 7:00
10 Alt. DB Snatches, 10 Wall balls. Both light weight.

Extra Credit 30-03-2020

Glute March x 100 Reps. Rest as needed.
*Every time you stop complete a 20s wall sit hold
Rock back adductor stretch x 60s each side