WOD for Saturday, Apr 07, 2018

Conditioning 07-04-2018

In teams of 4:
EMOM 24:00
Minute 1: Max Walballs (20/14)
Minute 2: Max Shuttle Runs (50 meter intervals)
Minute 3: Max USA Swings (24/16kg)
Minute 4: Max Burpee Pull-ups

  • All 4 athletes working. When the 60s is up they will rotate stations.
  • Score = total reps completed.

Rest 2:00

AMRAP 10:00 in the same team of 4: Carry Relay
5:00 Front Rack Carry (24/16kg) 50m
5:00 Farmer Carry (24/16kg) 50m

  • 1 person working, carries 50m and then gives to next person in the group

Extra Credit 07-04-2018

10mins easy of bike, row, ski or jog.

Open Gym

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