WOD for Saturday, Aug 18, 2018

Forever Young

You and your teammate have 5mins to complete each section. 3mins rest between sections

  • 96/80 cals Ass Bike. Change every 12/10 cals (so each person does 4 x 12/10)

  • 240m Sled Push. Change person every 20m (so each person does 6 x 20m)

  • 90 DB Hang Clean Thrusters. Change every 9 reps (each person does 5 x 9reps)

If you finish the reps inside the 5mins, it's extra rest.

The intent is to go hard!

'Forever Young' commemorates Annastiina Y-K achieving 1000 workouts at CrossFit Central Helsinki.

Extra Credit 18-08-2018

5 Minutes of Light Foam Rolling

Open Gym

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