WOD for Saturday, Mar 21, 2020

Open Gym

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Conditioning 21-03-2020

30mins work:
60m Farmer Carry – AHAP
60m Sledpush – AHAP
60m DB Walking Lunges – Moderate weight
20 D-Ball, Stone or Sandbag to Shoulder

  • Do in any order and split as needed.
  • Once you have completed one round of each, start the next round and just continue working for 30mins

Extra Credit 21-03-2020

Reps of 30-20-10
DB Hammer Curls
Glute March
Rolling DB Triceps Extensions

10 Minutes of easy rowing or bike or ski erg or jog at a conversational pace.

F.U. Corona WOD #04

For time;
20/side Forward and Back Lunge
1:00 Wall Sit
1:00 Wall Superman Hold
15/side Forward and Back Lunge
0:45 Wall Sit
0:45 Wall Superman Hold
10/side Forward and Back Lunge
0:30 Wall Sit
0:30 Wall Superman Hold


Core Killer
4 rounds
:30 Lean Back Knees to Elbows
:30/Side Side Plank


Useless Skills #01