WOD for Sunday, Aug 23, 2020

Strength 23-08-2020

4 sets;
Archer Push-up x 10-20
Rest 30s
Seated Band Row x 20-30.
Rest 30s
Reverse Plank x 20s.
Rest 30s

Conditioning 23-08-2020

For time:
DB Hang Power Snatch each
*200 meter run/row/ski or 1 x Stairs after each round

  • Consistent pace, run should feel similar each round and be similar pace

Extra Credit 23-08-2020

  • Worlds Greatest Stretch x 30s per pose
  • Parasympathetic Breathing x 15-20 breaths (3s inhale + 1s at top + 3s exhale + 1s at bottom)

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