WOD for Sunday, Feb 04, 2018

Strength 04-02-2018

Sled push: 6 x 20s.
Rest 90s-2:00.

  • Add weight each set.
  • Alternate Scaling 6 x 30s High Effort Bike or Row. Rest 60s.

Conditioning 04-02-2018

EMOM 18 with Partner;
5 Bench Press (BW) (1/2 BW for Ladies)
5 Goblet Squat (32/24kg)
*1 Rope Climb after each set.
*Add 1 rep to bench press and 2 reps to goblet squat after each round.

  • One athlete completes a full round while their partner rests. ie. one athlete works on EVEN minutes and one athlete works on ODD minutes.

Extra Credit 04-02-2018

1 Round of:
100 Banded Pull-aparts
75 Banded Leg Curls each
50 Banded Pull-throughs
30 Reverse Crunches

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