WOD for Sunday, Feb 09, 2020

Strength 09-02-2020

1a) Back Squat: Build to a challenging set of 5 in 4 sets. Rest 45s.
1b) DB Push Press: 4 x 8. Rest 45s.

  • Goal: Superset of Back Squats/DB Push Press. Use a challenging weight for all sets of PP and build in weight for the Back Squat to a moderate 5.

Conditioning 09-02-2020

For time with a partner:
1500 meter Row/Ski
150 Walking OH Plate Lunges @20/15kg
150 Ground to Overhead with plate @20/15kg

  • Time Cap 25:00
  • Goal: Have fun! One person works – split as needed.
  • Rx+: Double KB Walking OH Lunges @24/16kg

Extra Credit 09-02-2020

Banded Pull-throughs: 3 x 30. Rest 60s.
Active Straight Leg Raises x 20 reps each leg.

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