WOD for Sunday, Mar 10, 2019

Skill 10-03-2019

EMOM 12:
ODD Minutes: Snatch Balance Practice 1-5 reps
EVEN Minutes: Jump Rope Practice :20-:30

  • Snatch balance from floor or rack depending on load.

Conditioning 10-03-2019

20 Alt. DB Snatches @50/30lbs
400 Meter Run / 500m Row / 500m Ski / 20-30 Assault Bike Cals / 1+½ Stairs

  • Goal is steady pace across all 15mins today. Keep an eye on your round split times and try to get them equal without needing to 'dig too deep'

Extra Credit 10-03-2019

KB Front Rack Carry: AMRAP 5:00 of max 20m, AHAP.

  • Every 20m Unbroken = 1 rep
  • Put KBs down each 20m

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