WOD for Sunday, Nov 25, 2018

Open Prep Gymnastics Skill 25-11-2018

Today pick one CF Open skill from this list and spend 15 minutes working on it. This work should not beat rushed and be 100% skill driven.

– Handstand Push-ups
– Pull-ups (all styles)
– Toes to Bar
– Handstand Walk
– Pistols (they could show up this year)
– Ring or Bar Muscle-ups

Conditioning 25-11-2018

EMOM as long as possible:
1 Curtis P (52.5/35kg)
*Add 1 Rep each minute

  • Score = highest completed round + additional reps
  • Curtis P: Power Clean + Forward Lunge + Forward Lunge + Push Press

Extra Credit 25-11-2018

Single Leg DB RDLs w. support: 4 x 6 each. Rest 60s.

Open Gym

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