WOD for Thursday, Apr 04, 2019

Strength 04-04-2019

Back Squat w. 1 count pause: 5 x 4 @75%, every 90s.

–Option: Light for all sets > reinforce perfect technique or Goblet squat: 5 x 6 box. Rest 90s.

Conditioning 04-04-2019

Not for time:
Band Resisted Russian Swings @32/24kg
Goblet Reverse Lunges @32/24kg (Split Reps between each leg)
Russian Twist with plate x 2 (32-28-24-20-16-12-8 total reps)

Extra Credit 04-04-2019

Sledpull Powerwalk x 800 Meters
Reverse Hyper: Accumulate 50-100 Reps @ a moderate load.

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