WOD for Thursday, Dec 21, 2017

Conditioning 21-12-2017

In a 10 minutes Window:
40 Calorie Bike, Ski Erg, Row, 400 meter Run, 2 x Stairs
Remaining time AMRAP:
15 Ball Slams (20/14)
10 Alternating Weighted Step-ups (45/25)
5 Strict Pull-ups
Rest 2:00 and then repeat for a 2nd round

Finisher 21-12-2017

15m/each Bottoms-up KB Carry (light)
15m/each Foot Single Arm Farmer Carry (heavy)

Weightlifting Class 21/12/2017

General Warm-Up
Oly Warm-Up
Split Jerk Footwork Review
Jerk Balance Drill
Split Jerk Practice

Open Gym

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