WOD for Thursday, Feb 01, 2018

Skill 01-02-2018

Toes to Bar + Static Hold

Spend 15 Minutes working on improving T2B efficiency.

  • Between sets of T2B drills perform a static hold of your choice choosing between:
  • Handstand Hold (wall or freestanding)
  • OH KB Hold x 15s.
  • Ring Support or Box Support

Conditioning 01-02-2018

10 rounds for time w. a partner, you go, I go style:
40 Single Unders
30 Mountain Climbers (left + right = 1 rep)
20 Air Squats
10 Toes to Bar
5 Squat Thrusts

*After each set complete a partner Wheelbarrow of 40m (20m each). *Work is NOT split. One athlete completes all of the listed work while their partner rest.
*Each athlete will complete 5 total rounds each.
20:00 Cap

Extra Credit 01-02-2018

Wall Sit – how long can you hold?

Open Gym

Make a note of your achievements in 'Open Gym'

Weightlifting Class 01/02/2018

General Warm-up
Oly Warm-up
2nd Pull: Aggressive Extension in clean
Seated Box Jumps
Seated Box Jump to 'tall landing'
Pause Clean

Read more: https://www.catalystathletics.com/exercise/362/Segment-Clean/