WOD for Thursday, Feb 15, 2018

Strength 15-02-2018

1) Max Distance Farmer Carry in 5:00
Rest 2:00 before moving to #2
2) Max Distance Kettlebell Front Rack Carry in 5:00

Conditioning 15-02-2018

3 Rounds of In 5:00 Window:
Row 500 Meters
Remaining time
Max Rounds of:
20 DB Renegade Rows
10 Ball Slams
Rest 2:00

*Alternate Options: Rowing = 400m Run, 90s Bike or Ski Erg or 90s Single Unders
Slamballs = sledgehammer Tire Strikes, Hollow Rocks

Extra Credit 15-02-2018

1a) Landmine Rows: 3 x 10 ea. Rest 45s.
1b) Landmine Rotations: 3 x 30 (total). Rest 45s

Weightlifting Class 15/02/2018

General Warm-Up
Olympic Lifting Warm-Up
Receiving cleans
Tall Clean (+ optional jerk)
High Hang Clean (+ optional jerk)
Hang Clean (+ optional jerk)
Clean (+ optional jerk)

Read more: https://www.catalystathletics.com/exercise/150/Tall-Clean/


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