WOD for Thursday, Jan 04, 2018

Strength 04-01-2018

3 Position Snatch Skill Work 6 x 1 + 1 + 1 @50-60%. Rest 2:00

  • high hang + hang + below the knee.

Conditioning 04-01-2018

5 Rounds with a partner for QUALITY:
Sled push Sprint x 100 meters (light to moderate weight on sled)
2 Turkish Get-up (1 each side)
Ring Rows x 12
Rest as needed.

*One person works. Work is not split, but the you will rest while your partner completes the listed work.
*25:00 Cap
*Alternate Scaling Sled Sprints: *All done for "Hard Efforts" – 60s Row, Bike or Ski Erg – 30s Max Effort Squat Thrusts

Extra Credit 04-01-2018

Complete 5:00 of "cooldown work" ie. bike, run or rower at a conversational pace.
Then, Complete 5:00 of Tissue Work/Static Stretching

Weightlifting Class 04/01/2018

General Warm-Up
Oly Warm-Up
Clean First Pull Review

A) 3-Stop Segment Clean Pull with :03 pauses each position
B) Clean

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