WOD for Thursday, Mar 19, 2020

F.U. Corona WOD #02

A) 3-5 sets with a quality focus
3-5 x Hip Aeroplanes each side
5-10 x Glute Bridge each side

B) 5 sets with minimal rest
10 x Reverse Lunge each side
5 x Side Plank Knee to Elbow each side


Open Gym

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Strength 19-03-2020

Sumo Deadlift: 4 x 3 @ heavier than last week if possible. Rest 2:00

  • Take 3-4 sets to build to work weight
  • Reset on each rep

Whole Lotta Love

AMRAP 7:00
3 Squat Cleans @82.5/57.5kg
9 Bar Facing Burpees

  • Goal: Hard effort & fast singles on the heavy squat cleans.

Extra Credit 19-03-2020

Banded Row from a Plank: 4 x 8-10 each. Rest 60s.

Parasympathetic Breathing x 10-15 breaths of 3 seconds inhale + 1-second hold at top + 3 seconds exhale + 1-second hold at the bottom.