WOD for Thursday, May 25, 2017

Open Gym

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Getting Pushy – Day 4 – 25/05/2017

This is a short program designed to help you get your first push-ups happening! From zero to hero!

Time Under Tension
5 x 3 reps of a Push-Up with 8 seconds down and 4 seconds up pace; rest 1:30-2:00 between sets.

  • Needs to be VERY tough.
  • Adjust the difficult by using an incline (easier), floor (medium), added weight vest (harder).

Muscle Endurance
50 x Dumbbell Bench Presses @ last week's weight
every time you split do; 6 x Body Row with pause at chest each rep.

  • No other breaks between movements. You are either pressing, or doing body row.

3 rounds, alternate between;
:10-:20 Paralette Bottom Hold; Rest :20
:30 x Paralette FLR Support Hold; Rest :20
:30/side x Side Plank; Rest 1:20

  • Same as last week, but shorter rest periods.

See or ask Ben for help!