WOD for Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019

Skill Part A 17-04-2019

EMOM 10:00

ODD Minutes: 3 Position Power Snatch Practice
– high hang + knee hang + hang below knee x 1 rep each.

EVEN Minutes: 15 Banded Pulldowns

Skill Part B 17-04-2019

EMOM 10:
ODD Minutes: 2-4 Overhead Squats with Pause in the bottom
EVEN Minutes: :10-:15 x Bottom of Push-Up Hold (just off the ground)

  • OHS focus on positions and quality, not heavy weights.

Extra Credit 17-04-2019

”Buns + Guns”
EMOM 8:00
ODD Minutes: 20 Glute Bridges (Double Leg)
EVEN Minutes: 20 Alt. DB Curls (total)

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