WOD for Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018

Skill 18-04-2018

Pull-up Skill Work.
Spend time working on;
– Kipping Pull-ups
– Butterfly Pull-ups
– Kipping C2B
– Butterfly C2B

The Ministry of Silly Runs

'The Ministry of Silly Runs'

For time
10 Deadlift @ 80/100 kg
4 x 25m Shuttle Run
20 Wall Ball @ 14/20lbs
4 x 25m Shuttle Run
30 Burpee
4 x 25m Shuttle Run
40 Air Squat
4 x 25m Shuttle Run

This workout commemorates Lotta H reaching 500 workouts at CrossFit Central Helsinki! Thanks for the commitment Lotta!

Extra Credit 18-04-2018

4 Rounds of: 20s work/20s Rest
Abs with a plate switch

Open Gym

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