WOD for Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019

Skill 13-11-2019

Gymnastics Skill day.

Work on ring muscle-up progressions and positions. Learn and understand the strict variation first!

Conditioning 13-11-2019

AMRAP 8:00
5 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Hang Power Snatch @35/25kg
15 Overhead Squat

Rest 2:00

AMRAP 8:00
5 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Toes to Bar
15 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull @ 24/16kg

Rx+: 42.5/35kg.

Extra Credit 13-11-2019

1a) Banded Facepull-aparts: 3 x 15. No rest.
– slow + controlled + external rotation at end ROM
1b) Front Foot Elevated on Bench Glute Hip Thrust: 3 x 8 ea. No rest.

Open Gym

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