WOD for Sunday, Oct 06, 2019

Strength 06-10-2019

Overhead Squat: Build to a challenging set of 4. Rest 90s.

  • Done from the rack. 6-7 sets
  • Beginner: Goblet Squat Squat: 5 x 6-8. Rest 90s. Challenging weights.

Conditioning 06-10-2019

4 Rounds for Time
15 Overhead Squats @42.5/30kg
15 Burpees
15 Calorie Bike/Row/Ski or 1x Stairs
15 Box Jumps w. step down @61/51cm

  • 20:00 Cap
  • Scale OHS with double KB squats @ moderate weight

Extra Credit 06-10-2019

Farmer Carry: Max unbroken 30m trips in 5:00

  • Tough weight, only unbroken 30m count as a 'rep'

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