WOD for Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020

Strength 16-06-2020

1a) Medium Grip Floor Press In Bridge: 8-8-6-6-4-4. Rest 45s.
– adding weight each set
1b) Inverted Rows: 6 x 10. Rest 45s.
– 1st 3 sets – pronated grip
– Last 3 sets – supinated grip

Open 12.1

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of burpees.

This workout begins from the standing position. The Athlete will move from flat on the ground to touching an object with both hands that is 6 inches above their max reach. Score is total reps completed.

Extra Credit 16-06-2020

Alternating DB Curls: 3 x 10 ea. Rest 60s.

Open Gym

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