Pia P

A small Q&A session with 500 Club member Pia P.

Her workout: ‘70’s Show

1. Is CrossFit a cult?

Absolutely, more or less. Why else would people be so addicted and committed to coming in for classes, getting better, actually enjoying themselves while torturing themselves, list is endless.

2. Favorite movement?

Love and hate feelings with quite many movements, have learned to enjoy some of them over the past three years.

3. Least favorite movement?

LUNGES, no matter what way, walking or not, with weights/no weights, just don’t like!

4. Hardest workout you have done?

There’s many, but the bad feeling goes away quickly. But one is still in mind, Jägerbomb! There was something about the combination of the movements and work related fatigue.

5. What do you like about CFCH?

Because of really professional coaching and a fantastic group of people with different characters, who do the hard work and support each other. And let’s not forget sarcastic and bad jokes.

6. If you could be trapped on a desert island with only one cult member, who would it be and why?

I might learn something with prof.Lotta, but never run out of coffee with Tinja… Me and comfortable nature might choose coffee, if going gets tough…

7. Was it love at first taste with CrossFit/CFCH?

Yes, and a special mention to Sampsa for introduction and Kalle, who I met first coming in to bunkkeri. Talk about relieving ones nerves!

8. Other thoughts?

It’s been a fun three years! Thanks!
Pia P - 500 Workouts - August 2016

Pia P – 500 Workouts – August 2016