Tracking results and improvement is a very important part of what we do. We strongly encourage all our members to keep a diary of their training results. We use ‘benchmark’ workouts throughout the year to monitor the members progress. Results from these benchmarks give the coaches and members a good indication of how their CrossFit fitness is progressing and what needs to be worked on.

The CrossFit ‘Girls

Angie, Barbara, Chelsea, Diane, Cindy, Elizabeth, Fran, Grace, Helen, Isabel, Jackie, Karen, Linda, Mary, Nancy, Annie, Eva, Kelly, Lynne, Nicole,

The CrossFit ‘Heroes

J.T, Michael, Murph, Daniel, Josh, Nate, Tommy V, Griff, D.T, Lumberjack 20, Jerry,

I have included only a sample of the hero workouts.


Helen in a Boat

Beep Test

CFCH Gym Challenge: Overhead Squat


CrossFit Total

CrossFit Total II

Fight Gone Bad

The Ghost

Stairs and Burpees


The Chief

30s Row




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