Movement Tempo

e.g. 21×0 or 2222 or 5010

It refers to the timing of the movement parts within a certain exercise.

– First number signifies the lowering portion of any exercise.

– Second number signifies if there is any pause in the bottom position.

– Third number signifies the time in which to raise the load.

– Fourth number signifies any pause at the top of the movement.

‘X’  it means to accelerate the load as fast as possible – regardless of how fast the weight is actually moving; intention to accelerate is most important.

Chin-ups, for example, are a special case – there are other examples as well (e.g. deadlift). Chin-ups begin with the raising portion first, not like a back squat or bench press. So, if the tempo is 30X0, the first thing you look for is NOT the 3 second prescription, but the X, meaning that you begin with the third number for this exercise, not the first one.

*Text adapted from OPT.


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