Functional Fitness Assessment

Want to know more about your fitness strengths and weaknesses?

Want to know the specific areas that you need to work on to be fitter, faster and stronger?

Assess, don’t guess!

We offer a broad and encompassing Functional Fitness Assessment including;

  • Body-fat measurements (skinfold test),
  • Total body movement analysis (mobility and flexibility, variation between left and right, functional imbalances).
  • Physical capacity testing* (variety of tests of strength and functionality for lower, middle and upper body).
  • Work capacity testing* (short, medium and long duration, testing your ability to ‘go’).

*The exact nature of the physical and work capacity tests used will differ based on the training experience and current health of the participant. This helps provide the most accurate picture possible.

Using these tests we are able to give a definitive picture of where your fitness strengths and weaknesses are and what movement or function issues need addressing.

The assessments should be conducted on a semi-regular basis to provide accurate and reliable feedback on whether your current training methods are effective or not. The more advanced you are as an athlete the less frequently you should be testing. The beginner exerciser should be assessed regularly as their improvement should be rapid.

The Functional Fitness Assessment can be combined with the Remote Coaching and/or the Open Gym Access to provide a complete package of assessment and training.

Prices vary based on the exact package combination.

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