WOD for Thursday, Aug 06, 2020

Skill 06-08-2020

A) Kipping for toes to bar
– Linking together practice

B) Kipping with 'hip pop' for pull-ups and muscle ups
– 1) Get behind the bar (:45 on video)
– 2) Hip pop (1:45 on video)

Conditioning 06-08-2020

Rowing Intervals: 5 x 500 Meters. Rest while partner goes (approx 2mins)

  • Goal: challenging and consistent result for all 5 sets

Extra Credit 06-08-2020

5 Minutes of "bodybuilding work" devoted to one muscle-group.
e.g. Biceps curls!!

– World's Greatest Stretch x 5 reps each side
– Parasympathetic Breathing x 15-20 breaths (3s inhale + 1s at top + 3s exhale + 1s at bottom)

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